Using This Site

This site contains posts from GLLUG members, information about upcoming GLLUG meetings, an archive of presentations from past meetings, and a calendar of events relevant to the local Linux and Open Source communities.

An anonymous user can browse most of the website and signup for various things, but cannot add content. Anyone can link to our Calendar, which is available in iCal format for external use (cell phones, Sunbird, Google Calendar, etc.)

An authenticated user can post comments and vote on polls.

If you are a GLLUG Officer you can add Stories, Pages, and Events.

  1. Stories - Announcements, summaries, and other time-sensitive items that appear on the list of articles on the front page. Most posts should be Stories.
  2. Pages - Normal website pages containing information that doesn't need to be on the front page but should be permanent additions to the site. You will rarely, if ever, need to create pages.
  3. Events - Calendar entries and associated content, e.g., file attachments, meeting notes, etc.